Friday, 22 February 2013

14 days of craft tutorials: Origami heart bookmark

Welcome to day 1 of Creative Cat's new project 14 days of craft tutorials! Today we're going to be doing a lovely origami heart bookmark that slots snuggly onto the corner of your book page. It's very easy to make and I'm going to be teaching you through photographs :) Enjoy!! xx
You will need a 4"x4" piece of origami or printer paper.                  Step 1: Fold the paper diagonally from
Mine is relatively bigger but you'll want it small.                              each corner.                                             

Step 2: When you have an X shape creased                      Step 3: Open it out and grab the edges like this.
through your paper, fold it once horizontally.                                 

Step 4: Fold down the top flap to make this shape                         Step 5: It should now look (something)
and press down, forming a triangle.                                                  like this.                             

Step 6: Fold the left corner of the top triangle                            Step 7: Do the same with the right corner
up to the top corner.                                                                         so it looks like a diamond.

Step 8: Fold the top corner to the bottom.                                     Step 9: Open the top corner out and
                                                                                                            open the triangle like this, making a cave.

Step 10: Fold down the edges of the cave.                                      Step 11: Crease the top edges down.             

Step 12: Fold the rectangle part                                                       Step 13: Fold the rectangle part up half  

down.                                                                                                   way. 

Step 14: Fold it back so it looks like step 12.                  Step 15: It should now look like this, with the
Open it up in a cave-like way again and flatten                  triangles you just made pointing outwards either
the triangles down.                                                               side.

Step 16: Bring the two flaps up at the                                            Step 17: Lift up the top half and....
bottom to create two mini triangles.                             

A lovely origami bookmark. Slip this onto the corner of your book for a stylish take on making your own bookmarks. Leave feedback in the comments folks!
Helen xxx


  1. I've always thought origami was so neat! love the heart bookmark!


    Erin @

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you like it xx