Sunday, 3 February 2013

Book review: The Guerilla Art Kit

Keri Smith is the author of many mind-opening books including Wreck This Journal and This is Not a Book, and I've enjoyed all three so far. Please check out her website here for her blog.
The Guerilla Art Kit teaches you the legal ways to making good street art without spray paint and includes unique ways such as gardening in cracks of pavements, hanging origami from trees, putting googly eyes on mailboxes and even a portable idea dispenser which I'm currently trying out.
Keri gives you her insight and opinions of some of the street art she carries out and she also gives you challenges at the end of the book like, "Document the passing of time" and "Transform garbage", giving you a chance to use your imagination to the fullest and make the most out of this book.
Have you read this book yet? Leave your comments below!
Helen xx


  1. I hadn't come across this before but it looks excellent!

    1. Thanks, you should give it a go it has some great ideas in there x