Thursday, 14 February 2013

Maxine and Percy update

You probably haven't heard off Maxine Amelius or even Percy Ernest Roger recently, but they've been up to quite a bit so I don't know why I haven't updated sooner.
 So, Maxine Amelius has been asleep for about 48 hours and hasn't woken up for food. However, despite our concern we want her to lose a bit of weight seeing as she nearly landed herself a place in the Daily Mail for her obesity.
Also, upon finding Photo Booth on my iPad, I amused myself with taking X-ray effect pictures of Percy (he's a white cat but the effect turned him black)....

 Using the Snapseed app to create a vintage version of Percy pusscat....

 ....and amusing myself with the twirl, stretch and squeeze effects on Photobooth that I practised on Max. Cute times.
 *ahem* so anyway....what have you guys been up to? Do tell me in 'comments below. Bye for now!
 Helen xx


  1. I am loving loving loving these kitty pics! Soooooo adorable!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Thanks, they're currently having a snooze .... Xx