Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentines project: Cute n easy button card

Hello again! Sorry it's been a few days since I last posted but I've been caught up with trying to make a new project for my blog. And here it is: the handmade Valentines project!
So after a long think for today's post I decided to do a series of around four, but anyway...let's get going!
This is what it should look like after about twenty minutes spent on it:
But that was my first time doing it. Below is a tutorial on how to doa similar card that doesn't require as much time but is still fun to do. My little sister helped me complete it which is why it looks more like a card made by a 7 year old rather than someone with their own craft business.
So, you will need:
- A card blank         - A rubber
- A ruler                  - 2 large buttons or 2p coins
- A pink felt tip       - About 20-30 pink, white and red buttons
- A pencil                - PVA glue

1. Place the two large buttons either side of each other on the front of the card blank. Draw around both of these, holding the buttons with your hand so the buttons don't slip (this is a right pain when it happens)

2. Using your ruler, place your pencil diagonally from the large buttons pointing inwards like a heart shape and draw.

3. It should look something like this. A lot better, in fact. My example is terrible.

4. Get yo bu'ons (sorry) and start placing them inside the drawn shape. Once you have your pattern arranged, rub out the pencil heart. For extra cuteness, add four lil heart shaped buttons on each corner.

5. Add a small message like "I love you x" along the side of the button heart. Make sure you write it in cursive to make it snazzy. My lil sister wrote mine for me.

6. Cuteness achieved! (Probably not on mine but it will look a lot better on yours if you spend time on it)
Now all you need to do is find a valentine. No valentine? Get your inner entrepreneurial mind on and sell it. Make your own button heart card business and make millions, then write a book about it.
Have fun creating your card!
Helen xx

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