Thursday, 7 February 2013

What I'm doing for Red Nose Day

Guess what?? :D I've decided to do something funny for money and do a little dare-devil themed fundraising idea involving, yes, dares. The following is a list of dares I'm going to hopefully accomplish if I get 3 or more sponsors for each:
10p: -Wear weird hairstyle for a meeting
        - Pull weird face throughout meeting
        - Have a hug-a-stranger day
20p: - Wear blazer on head all day
        - Wear clothes backwards for half the day
        - Wear shoes on hands throughout a meeting
30p: - Spend the whole of lunch break sat on a bench with coat on backwards and hood over face
        - Randomly lie down on the floor in the office like a snake for about 5 minutes
        - Say I love you to three random people
40p: - Talk with tongue out all day (possible? maybe? :S)
        - Wear clothes backwards all day
        - Give love heart signals to miserable looking people who just need a bit o love
50p: - Wear a Harry Potter scar and glasses all day
        - Wear panda nose hat over face half the day
        - Call colleagues mum/dad throughout the day
60p: - Answer with no to everybody's question
        - Tie someone to myself so we're back to back all day
        - Give my boss a hug and refuse to let go
70p: - Write YOLO across forehead for the day
        - Wear hair in mohawk style
        - Paint entire face red
80p: - Shout "I'M TRYING TO CONCENTRATE ON EATING EVERYONE PLEASE BE QUIET" with a megaphone in a city such as London
       - Draw on a monobrow to wear for the day
       - Wear lipstick scribbly around area surrounding lips
90p: - Wear a moustache and beard all day, and if someone asks about it I'll insist they're imagining
       - Wear short black wig all day (NOTE: I have long blonde hair so it would make a big difference!)
       - Get a pink dip dye for the day (temporary pink spray)
£1: - Come into work wearing a onesie
      - Patrol streets wearing rollerskates
Fancy sponsoring me? Drop your details by to and I'll send you an application form :) xx
All the best!
Helen xx

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